Resort Cursdorf

Welcome to Cursdorf - pure nature in the Thuringian Forest

Schwarzatal guest card

The Schwarzatal guest card has been valid for Cursdorf since February 1st, 2019.

With it, guests are mobile and can also benefit from the experience offers of the Thuringian Forest Card. In German resorts and spas, a spa fee is charged in return for the measures, facilities and events created for the benefit of the guests.
The obligation to pay a spa fee and the amount of the spa tax are determined by the respective spa tax regulations for your holiday destination.
The survey location is the municipality of Cursdorf and the survey period is from January 1st to December 31st. of every year.

What is actually done with the spa fee?

The spa fee is an important pillar of financing for the purchase, maintenance and management of tourism-specific facilities and facilities. The spa fee enables many things to be taken for granted, which will allow you to enjoy your holiday better.

The spa fee is used, among other things, for:
• Maintenance of hiking trails and tourist infrastructure
• Benches and paths are being repaired
• Signage of hiking trails and excursion destinations
• Traces of cross-country ski trails, ski hiking trails and clearing of several winter hiking trails

According to the spa fee regulations, the landlord is obliged to issue the registration form including the guest card and to collect the spa tax immediately after your arrival.
The collection of the spa fee is based on the Thuringian Municipal Tax Act (ThürKAG) § 9 in the version announced on September 19, 2000.